What is the difference between SkyFex FREE and PRO?

SkyFex Free is intended for those who use SkyFex to provide basic remote support or advice. It's completely free, and there are no hidden fees.

SkyFex Pro enables you to do professional support remotely, providing advanced features. You can buy monthly or annual subscription to SkyFex Pro.

You can view a quick Free vs. Pro features comparison chart at the licensing page.

Guaranteed Unattended Access

SkyFex Pro users have guaranteed access to their unattended computers. During peak server loads, SkyFex Free users may have limited or no possibility to access unattended computers.


You can brand SkyFex and it will show your company's logo, color and links.

Unlimited sessions with user-operated computers

SkyFex Pro has no limitations on the session duration. You can keep sessions alive as long as you like. SkyFex Free limits a desktop sharing session to 30 minutes. Also, it limits a remote control session to 10 minutes.

File transfer

File transfer feature is available with SkyFex Pro. With this feature, you can send and receive necessary files right through SkyFex.

This way, you no longer need to explain your client how to upload/download files from public web hosting sites. You can run transferred files by requesting and getting control of the remote PC.

Remote System Info

Remote System Info retrieval is supported in SkyFex Pro. With this feature, you can get detailed system information of the remote host without using any additional software.

Concurrent Expert Logins and Multiple Client Connections

SkyFex Pro allows an Expert to simultaneously connect to a Pro account from 2 different locations. A SkyFex Pro Expert can simultaneously connect to up to 3 Clients.

SkyFex Free allows an Expert to simultaneously connect to a Free account from 1 location. A SkyFex Free Expert can simultaneously connect to 1 Client.

Session History

With SkyFex Pro, you can view statistics for each remote session established through your account. You can search sessions by their parameters (duration, IPs, etc.).

Session history is useful for tracking support team work hours. Also, it's handy when billing your customers for technical support.

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